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 love.... care…Quality…. Family safe... healthy pups….

1.Love and Care: We are crazy about our Goldendoodles at Sarasota Goldendoodle I'd own 20 if I had the room and more hours in a day. We are hobby breeders, not back yard breeders or puppy mill breeders, we do this out out of love, not to earn a quick buck. One of our main motivations in starting breeding is love. Love for this designer breed, love for families and peolpe to have a great companion such as a Sarasota Goldendoodle pup. Even through we hobbyists, we go to great lengths to bring you the finest quality dogs.  Our parent dogs are from some of the best lines and are all either part of our personal family and live with us or of that of a close friends. We offer forever love and support for our new puppy families on this adventure.

Quality:  All of our Goldendoodle puppies at Sarasota Goldendoodle are from CKC and AKC certified Pedigreed parents. You will receive a copy of each parent’s Pedigree in you puppy papers.(or sooner by request )

Health testing: Our Parent are health tested.
HEALTH TESTING! It always starts at the beginning.

Healthy pups come from healthy parents. Our dogs are first

and foremost health tested. Unfortunately Golden

Retrievers are plagued with many inherited diseases and

these can be passed to your doodle. “Hybrid Vigor” does not
prevent this totally. If you are buying a pup whose parents
are not tested then you are taking a big risk.

All our
male meet the Blue Ribbon Status for health testing. They been tested for breed related genetic issues:
-Hips and Elbows

All of our Goldendoodle girls meet the
Red Ribbon Status tested for:

3. Affordable Pricing: Our motto is "Designer dogs at family prices." I know with our economy every penny counts. We have seen breeder charge double this amount for this same quality of dog.(generation, non shedding, health testing, ckc and akc parents.) But again our goal is not to make the most on each pup but to find them the perfect forever home.  We try to give you the best price for this quality of dog.  Please call to see if any of our many discount programs work for you.

Finest Quality pups..........Caring support..........Afordable Pricing

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