Our Lovely Girly Girls (Dams)

Meet : Asoka-Bocca   
She is a CKC "Non- shedding"F1b fleece coated Goldendoodle.
Every inch of this girl screams "I'm soooo.. stinking' cute come play with me!" Her cream and golden fur with apricot ears make her look like a big stuffed animal. She 's just a sweet as she is cute...An amazing girl wonderful with all my kids. Very very easy to train watches my every move, just waiting to please. She will make awesome puppies come early 2013. By then she will have completed all her blue ribbon status health tests.
Meet:  Princess Amidola- Amidola for short.. She is a petite AKC Standard Poodle only 30 pds and 20 inches at the shoulder. She is a gorgeous chocolate color with white angel kisses on her chest, face, and back paws. On top of that she has beautiful  green eyes. She is super with my children as you can see my 5 year old can't keep his hands off his personal favorite. Very smart and extremely sweet.

Last But not Least Meet
Galaxy is a f1 English Cream Goldendoodle. She is 50% English cream Retrier and 50% Poodle. They call this mix Teddy Bear Doodles because the English creams have larger wider paws and block heads with big black black noses.  This gives them a very ....well....Teddy bear appearance.  She is excellent with children and has a beautiful calm demeanor.We are looking forward to wonderful f1b and f2b puppies from Galaxy ....they will be amazing just  like her.
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