Please note that every position except Breeder's pick is subject to change due to size of actual liters before. Please remember it can take up to 12 months to place the right puppy with your family

*****please note some of our spots have moved around due to one of our moms not having pups in the fall. (blame it on the hurricane)We will release the 2018-2019 breeding schedule after the 1st of the year till then we will not be taking deposits only working with families on our list waiting on pups.

Springtime/ summer  f1b Teddy Bear doodles
Gracie Han solo Pups 25-35pds ish
1. Marie breeder's pick
2. Darin 5/20/17
3.Gary 6/6/17(please call me)941-720-4610
4. Jodi 9/23/17
5. Heather 10/6/17
6.Kobi 10/10/17
7. David 10/23/17
8. Vicki Long

Asoaka and R2 Going home July 2018
mini 15-30pds 
Red/ Tawny/ cream

1. Breeder's Pick female

2.Michelle and Frank 
3. Marie female
5. Renee L.

Early Winter 2018 mini 
English Teddy Bear doodle 
Red/ Tawny/ some with white spots and some with green eyes.
Jaina R2 pups 15-30 pds
Breeders pick
1. Jillian and Nathan 7/3/17
2. Janet 7/20/17
3. Brian A.
5.Tammy 8/12/17
6. one female puppy available



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